Your AI team member who’s passionate about UX is a virtual team member that tirelessly analyses your usability and user experience. It makes human-like reports, with suggestions for product owners and communications leaders.


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Kati Niemelä

Commercial Director

"We were pleased to find that the virtual team member found several areas of UX improvement on For us, it’s critical that any UX evaluation report is concise, visual and based on facts. Attractive is a powerful tool for us."

"For us, UX evaluation is an easy way to find usability problems that would otherwise go unnoticed and helps planning the current design sprint — and do UX improvements during every sprint."

Kalliopi Papadopoulou

Senior UX/UI Designer

"Attractive’s UX findings from Evolta’s website were valid and easy to understand. I liked the clear instructions on how to fix problems that were included by this sci-fi-like virtual team member."

Henna-Maria Jalosalmi

Communication Specialist

"Attractive works like virus protection, keeping an eye on our website's UX, which gives us great confidence that nothing surprising doesn't break how our users experience our site."

Olli Vallo


"We were pleased to find that all UX observations Attractive found were spot-on. Furthermore, we like that the findings were based on facts and from a neutral party. We are going to include continuous automated UX reviews as part of our development cycles."

Markku Lang

Project Manager

Why is automated UX review needed?

According to research, 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience, and projects abandoned due to bad usability cause $150B annual losses. Rapid development cycles, market pressure to run fast, and the lack of UX experts is causing companies to release software without adequate emphasis on UX.

Automated UX reviewing brings the cost of UX evaluation down and speeds it up. This allows UX analysis to be a continuous part of the development process even for companies without large resources.

Automated expert review

Automated UX evaluation is a method where a computer program autonomously crawls and uses a website and reports usability problems. It is similar to expert reviewing, but through the use of rules and heuristics for good design. The used heuristics are based on the best practices composed by Jakob Nielsen and other renowned usability experts. Compared with traditional expert reviewing, the automated solution is able to work more quickly, consistently and find more problems.

What is is a robotic UX expert: a team member that makes UX and usability evaluations automatically. The usability report it sends is visual and human-readable. It is great for UX leads and product owners. The observations it makes are backed by the latest research and they help teams to prioritise their work. The report never contains useless or excessive information. Instead, it focuses on just the few most crucial issues, as we know teams don’t want to be overwhelmed with hundreds of new tickets in their backlog. The issues finds are provided with improvement suggestions.

"I loved the clear format how Attractive reports UX findings in a way that is similar to how humans communicate. Attractive raised several important observations that we considered top-priority to fix. This was really easy to use as we didn't have to do anything to receive the report."

Lauri Hynynen

CEO & Co-founder

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